Things to do in Bodega Bay and on the Sonoma Coast

So many things to do on the Sonoma Coast and in the Bodega Bay Area. The possibilities are endless throughout the year.

It’s hard to find a better place to live and play than the Sonoma Coast and the Bodega Bay area. We have the most spectacular and accessible coastline in all of California. Unique among travel destinations… just waiting for you. Visit us and you’ll discover an endless array of things to do all year long.

We have what you’re looking for whether it’s a family vacation, a romantic getaway or just some private time all to yourself. Just take the path of least resistance out to the Sonoma Coast where the weather is mild all year long. The beauty will keep you breathless and there is no limit of things to do.

Some of the Most Popular Sonoma Coast Attractions

  • Walk on the Beach
    Thirteen designated State and County beaches provide 30,000 acres for leisurely strolls along the shore. Doran Beach, at Bodega Bay, is a three and a half mile long sandy beach, adjacent to, and just north of our Tide Pool area.
  • Tide Pooling
    Head out to our tide pool area where broad shelves reach out into the water and reveal sea urchins, star fish, tiny crabs and rocks covered with mussels and barnacles.
  • Kayaking
    Explore Bodega Bay, local estuaries or paddle the Russian River. Bring your own kayak or rent one in town.
  • Whale Watching
    Take boat cruises out to see and get close to the migration route. Or….drive out to Bodega Head where volunteers answer your questions, give mini-seminars and help you sight the spouts and black humps rising from the waves.
  • Fishing
    Whether you cast your line into the surf or river, or charter a boat, the Sonoma Coast, Russian River and tributaries are famous for fish of all kinds.
  • Surfing
    Our coastline boasts of some of the best surfing spots along the northern shore. Local surfing shops provide rental gear and weather and wave conditions.
  • Boogie Boarding
    Grab a wet suit and your board and head out to our wide open Doran Beach. Check with one of our surf shops for the day’s best spots.
  • Wind Surfing on the Bay
    Wide open spaces protected from boat traffic offer the perfect place to practice your skills and meet the challenges of shifting winds and tides throughout the day.
  • Abalone Diving
    For the hearty diver, there are numerous places designated for diving. Take a buddy, check the strictly enforced size limits, catch and regulations. Scuba gear not permitted.
  • Play a Round of Golf
    People come from all over the world to play golf on our area’s unique courses and links. Choose the serenity of the inland hills or the challenge of wind and terrain right on the coast with spectacular views overlooking the bay and the sea.
  • Bird Watching
    Grab your binoculars and head onto wetlands trails along the bay and the coast for the best bird-watching you’ll ever experience. Our protected coast offers year-round shelter and food to migrating and permanent resident birds.
  • Gallery Hopping
    Visit our many art galleries and studios displaying paintings, sculptures, fine jewelry, hand-crafted ceramics and antiques. Many artists come to live in our inspirational region creating masterpieces you’ll find nowhere else.
  • Shopping for Gifts
    Explore our tiny boutiques, candy and gift shops and take a peek at the vast array of T-shirts, wind socks, banners, kites and other souvenir items to commemorate your trip.
  • Romantic Dinners
    Set the scene at a cozy little restaurant with candlelight tables or a view of the sunset across the bay. Your selection ranges from fresh fish and shell fish or barbecue chickens to hearty steak from range fed beef.
  • Get a Soothing Massage
    Our area attracts health conscious people from all over. We probably have more certified massage therapists per capita than any place in the world. Whether you go to their place of business or hire one to come to where you are staying, it’s a completely relaxing experience.
  • Hunting for Home
    Just in case you find our beautiful area impossible to resist, stop in at our office and get an idea of what’s available for a vacation home, a perfect place to retire or even a chance to start all over again in a new place.
  • Horseback Riding
    Pack your horse into a trailer or just rent a horse out here. Coastal Parks and private ranches offer many opportunities to wander through the Dunes and along the beach while other trails go up into the hills for spectacular views of the coast.
  • Riding the Back Roads
    Whether it’s raining or the sun is shining, the coastal roads are always a pleasure for rides. Get yourself off the beaten track for some thrills in the hills or head up the Coast Hwy.1 for panoramic views up and down the coast and straight down to the crashing surf.
  • Explore Historic Structures
    There’s a wealth of history residing in our small villages where locals treasure the past by preserving its buildings and atmosphere.
  • Bicycling
    Take a back road and climb into the hills for views of the entire coast where cars rarely travel. Take your mountain bikes along designated trails in the coastal and inland parks.
  • Canoe the River
    As the Russian River meanders through the inland hills, it passes lush forests with towering old growth Redwoods. Bring your own canoe or rent one nearby.
  • Wine Tasting
    Scattered far and wide among our nearby Russian River and inland valley area, you’ll find tiny, boutique wineries nestled into the hills offering excellent wines often being poured by the Owner or the Winemaker of the vineyard.